FEMA Flood Map Service Center Redesign

FEMA will be rolling out a completely redesigned Map Service Center later this summer.  The enhancements will include an improved user experience and will affect some processes for stakeholders.

The significant business impacts include:

  • All hazard products will be available free of charge, and the new products ‘catalog’ will have enhanced functionality; therefore, the MSC Store, the Digital Post Office (DPO), Express Document Delivery (EDDie) and EDDie for Disaster tools will no longer be required.
  • Current paid revolving accounts and subscriptions, such as LOMC and FMSIS subscriptions, will be discontinued.  A new, free subscription system will be set up as part of the new MSC.
  • All direct links to MSC pages, other than the homepage, will no longer work as intended & will redirect to the MSC homepage.

FEMA’s deck covering the upcoming changes and enhancements is below.

FEMA MSC Redesign

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