Flood Risk Mapping Guidelines and Standards

FEMA maintains guidelines and standards to support the Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) program. These guidelines and standards define the specific implementation of the statutory and regulatory requirements for flood risk analysis and mapping for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), address the performance of flood risk projects, processing of Letters of Map Change (LOMC), and related Risk MAP activities.


The mandatory requirements for Risk MAP are published in the Policy for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping, published in August 2013.  This policy outlines FEMA requirements to produce better overall consistency and more efficient operation of mapping activities. FEMA established a maintenance plan for the Risk MAP Guidelines and Standards and plans to issue updates on a semi-annual basis.


As part of the Spring 2016 update, a public review announcement is made to provide an opportunity for comment prior to incorporation into the policy. This announcement lists proposed updates to existing standards and drafts of new standards.  These draft standards are being made available for public review to provide an opportunity for comment prior to incorporation into the policy.  These changes include routine updates plus several changes to implement elements of the mapping program defined by the Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, as amended by the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014, that can be completed without the promulgation of new regulations.


FEMA intends to publish these standards as a part of the Policy for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping. Comments may be provided via email to FEMA.GS@riskmapcds.com. Comments received prior to March 2, 2016, will be reviewed and addressed as appropriate before the standards are finalized.


Full link to the public review announcement:


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